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Numerous studies confirm that propolis promotes wound healing. Since it has antimicrobial activity, it can prevent and resolve wound infection. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities can mitigate tissue damage, but it also has regenerative effects.

We proved this in our in vitro experiments. In the scratch test wound healing assay, our extract promoted the migration of keratinocytes in a concentration-dependent manner. The gap was completely closed after only two days (Figure 1).

Figure 1. The scratch test assay: on the left, the first day after the damage. On the right, the second day after application of our 1% extract.

Our extract was used in several wound healing case studies. It improved the impaired healing of wounds in horses (Figure 2) and many companion animals. It was tested for tolerance on dairy cows. 

Figure 2. On the left: wound on the horse’s front leg after 10 days of unsuccessful treatment with the combination of silver nitrate, iodine, and antibiotic. On the right: wound 72 h after propolis extract application (With the courtesy of Prof. Nikica Prvanović Babić, Ph.D., DVM).

For more data on our in vitro and in vivo experiments, contact us at jelena@apiotix.eu.